Thursday, April 12, 2007


the moon comes and goes
the night sky is lit up and darkens
oceans roll in over the sands
then melt, filter away
hope arises and subsides
eternity manifests in moving

Running the field like deer

We must bring
in the spring time when the lilacs
bloom tenderly and softly
swaying in the wind

Perfect joy
to rest upon the lips of men and
hearts of women and the fingertips
of children and the souls of the old

And perfect love
to tremble and quake the sky to
remember what is really true
to ache no longer and to run the fields
like deer

We must bring
the memory of perfection in the woodlands
shimmering with hope and glory
remembering the soft green grasses
emerald we ran upon
barefooted and glimmering

Fairy powder in our brains dusting
to forget the long winter behind

Bringing to Mother's children oblivion
of once were
the dripping grapes again
rest our souls

Kali's grace

After many years in the
washed up on the shores
Crawling towards salvation
with a broken soul and crushed

A new color on the lands
brokenhearted moving across
the greens

Traveling eons to find peace
only to fall into a hole
the endless rimless trap
of Satan who swallowed
me up and spit me out
thoroughly crushed or was it
Kali, finishing me off for good
chewing on my limits
and thoroughly ending my karma
of course

Wedding day

Weeds tumbling golden yellow
across the desert
Hollow winds call our names
The riders gather at dawn
to break on through the borders
Enemies collapse their gate
gazing upon the bride that gallops
alone down the mountain side
Glowing nymphs spread their
shine and blessing upon the crowds
The mother alone is weeping


Time stops and marble melts
green merges with blue
and towns are built over night
Caverns and caves are filled
with rejoicers and mourners
neither knowing which way
to turn
Golden bracelets upon arms so
Willowy necks reach and hair
blow in the wind
Their green eyes whisper
of never ending surprises
At last one story fills
flows into the next

The millennia

Wrath, like a fire from the beginning

of time
pulsate through the cycles
the loops and the strangeness
Millennia bend and wrap in on
turning around
When the rain falls upon this memory
and cool my ever heat
the tapping of my mind
resolves quietly the return

The flavor of love

the yellow leaves in total abundance
golden transparent and effervescent
lingering still on the branches
silence a hush through the echoes

belvederish blue cover my skin
in the abrupt satin of velvet embrace
the touch is effervescent and tranquil
I blush as I remember the tune
you sang so quietly

the houses crouch together in silence
to hear the new songs coming
the old is forgotten as the dawn rolls in
the shadows whisper in disappearance
the flavor of love

Friday, April 6, 2007

Rainbow bridge

Effervescent light goes down

behind the mountain
shadows return elongated

When the bones break and time
stops in its tracks
When rivers run dry and dust
fill the air
rainbows glisten and disappear
Thoughts gone in the wind

Red roses cling to my mind
enveloping my soul in memory dust
When the golden rainbow continue
its arch
I go home over the bridge

In the silvery sea

I roll out with the ocean waves deep

into the sea
Turtles and seashells whisper my name
Mermaids linger beyond
the rocks that shelter the see
Tumbling like seaweed all around
while the sand make me wet between
my toes
Bubbling laughter echo between the groves
Beautiful girls swim by
long flowing blue dresses sweep
the ocean floor
The crab oracles dance their dance
of midsummer
The moon high in the tree tops
glimmers down beneath the veil

Gold rebellion

When she makes love to me
it's like a song that's rolling out from
deep within the mountains
On the hills the roses open and
blossom and fragrance spill out over
the valley
Flesh and mind transform into miracles
of God
The gold rebellion reclaims itself fast
upon the edges of truth
Everlasting eternity beckons my call

Paradise now

Under a big ol' tree
calmly stretching out its canopy
reaching towards the sky
ethereally blessing the space
Grasses underneath and cool shade
from the burning sun
A breeze running through the gateway
between house and tree
hopping and skipping leaving trails
of cool relief

A guardian of secrets and quiet stillness
yet trembling with promises of a
golden tomorrow beginning now
The green little house with all the flowers
Purple and red and pink like vanilla
ice cream
color the day with joyfulness

Cats and dogs run around in circles
under the full moon hanging low
over the horizon
over the treetops that sing their song
Tunes in harmony of full abundance
in Paradise now


Circular road lay flat on the ground under
a tree that once was forgotten
Much light swimming down and grazing
the Earth

Surrounded by little beings of exquisite color
singing and dancing but only at night
when no one sees

Watery gardens dripping with promise
of more
growing and spreading fragrance of love

Carriers of freedom

The Love breaks my heart
as it erupts from within
blasting forward into creation
The carriers of freedom
have long since and always
held me in the fire
The blasting Oneness that
delivers us from death

The Love breaks my heart
as it crushes to the floor with
breakneck speed
erupting from within blasting
fire and freedom in every direction
even up and in into creation

The carriers of freedom
the ones that gloss over
their presence from our simple awareness
have long since, forever and always
as I was trembling in their hands they
held me in the fire
The ever blasting Oneness
Eternity that delivers us from death


Introspection comes
to an end and then the golden
yellow leaves slowly and perfectly
fall to the mossy ground
The maroon earth lays
down with a sigh

The forest fever has ended
flowers have coolly
silenced their speech
the ramblings about
a future tomorrow

The soul is empty like glass
lost its vibrancy
forever in mourning
The tremors removed
the song of life

Harmony trembles over the shores
the moors, the fragrant whisper
lingers over the memory, coy
The calling
to come home, no more
As one resting finally in peace

Queen is gone to dance

A terrifying blockage of the sun
the roaring rolling off the mountain
quakes and earth shakes tremble my bones
glistening on the sky towards the horizon
the memory and hope towards another day
the rampage, ravage and rage
fill up the room of the old castle
The Queen is gone to dance

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Life rushes on

Another tear another year gone by
and dropped into oblivion

Frantic searches for everlasting love
disappeared on the horizons
but dove right back into the sea

The billowing surface gently swallowing
all sorrow and burying it in the deep
never to be resurrected by another dawn

Gentle breezes fawning and fanning the day
a fire gently stoking in the midst

The center of ones being calm
as life rushes on

Mother's sigh

My heart fell
into a thousand crystal shards
in the moon light

The glistening
on all the edges blue and purple
lavender and magenta

The storm winds ceased and
the bleeding oceans calmed
A frantic whisper long silenced

The mountains rise in the early morning
shuddering as the trees reach for the sky

A bluebird, a nightingale, gently singing
in tune of lost loves and ships wrecked
on the silvery sea
never reaching shores of the beloved

The diamond tears of the women who cried
for lost causes
have dried up as the ocean breeze
has turned around and is now showing
another way
pointing towards the heavens descending
upon town

The Blessed Be living in calm and chaos
but living gently upon the breeze
The Mother's sigh

Cherries fall

when the cherries fall to the ground
a whiz through the air
reminds of space
through which echoes tear

blue lavender hillsides
reflecting goodness onto tomorrow

the daisies sway in the music
from the room
of the interior Self

bubbling and growing into a crescendo
of overwhelming bliss

Erupting the moors

Everlasting rumbling rocks thunder
their song of slowly moving ethers

A crushed heart that mends never
to shine again except
more radiatingly in God

Extreme explosion erupted the glow
and sends it out over the lands
never to return but to move over the moors
and envelop the Earth

Monday, April 2, 2007

Newborn heart

A sorrow lost a long gone forgotten

like a bird that soars to heavenly sky

freedom so sumptuously envelope
the newborn heart

feather - like weight of memory

Yellow birds

Yellow birds in flight like a dragon a kite

coloring the heavens with feathers
white lingering memory

Falling down and touching upon earth
that quivers

A thunderous longing that broke
on the stone

The rugged cliff of gray that rose
so mightily

Winds that envelop the rocks freeze
over into little stars

Looking down the hill rolling
towards the oceans

Blueberry and heather cloak the ground
like a blanket of many colors
warming the land

A song of exquisite quietude rise
slowly through the bones
and fill the air with total silence

A supreme surrender fills the sublime